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Krasnoyarsk BK “Yenisei“ has conceded “CSKA“

the next match with participation basketball &ldquo Has taken place; Yenisei ” within the limits of Uniform league VTB. This time on a house parquet our command accepted on a visit “ CSKA ”. Undoubtedly, stay were favourites, however this time “ Yenisei ” has managed to show beautiful   and worthy game with so strong rival. To the third matchevogo the period rivals kept as equals.

  - First five minutes owners did not release from themselves the awesome rival, which did not know how to brush away the persecutor from a tail – 46:49, - has told a press - the secretary “ Yenisei ” Victoria Ashchuk. - to Cool a heat of the excited Siberians the fouls which have been written out by it, - 46:51 could only. And in the end of a quarter in a paint Kaun, brought to the 6 command of points successively, at « has cleared up; Yenisei » could hammer only Kikanovich – 48:59. In a final piece Krasnoyarsk citizens have added aggressions in protection, but could not support with productivity in an attack, therefore catch up CSKA which have felt game it has not turned out any more. For a minute eighteen seconds Nesterov from a line of the penal has fixed a difference in « a minus 9 » but two « trehi » Teodosicha have given the definitive answer to a question on the winner in a match.  

As a result the match has come to the end with the bill 74:60 in advantage “ Yenisei ”.

- Me reaction of players to those corrective amendments which I have brought for two days which have been taken away on preparation for a match was important. Game as equals with the best team of the European basketball has shown that players have understood me, that I wanted to inform to them. Today we have played better in protection, have shown aggression high level. Only last two minutes when have passed trehochkovye from Teodosicha, have a little greased my positive impression of game in defence, - has declared after game fulfilling duties of the head coach “ Yenisei ”   Milan Korats.