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On the Cupid in EAO drunk Chineses

So walk about, on February, 4th around village Amurzet frontier guards have detained two citizens of the Peoples Republic of China who have arranged photosession against the Russian coast. uvlekshis high art, Chineses have not noticed, how have come to be on adjacent coast where they were waited already by the Russian frontier guards. Infringers have involved in administrative responsibility, foreigners have paid   the penalty on 3 thousand roubles everyone.

on February, 8th near to village Blessed Amurzetsky area on removal in 1500 metres from a line   frontier frontier guards   have detained Chineses in a status of strong alcoholic intoxication.

As they said, they have lost a reference point, moving on the Chinese frontier territory, and without knowing as have appeared on our party.

Absolutely other case has occurred in Leninsk area EAO. After long   Search frontier guards together with employees of FSB on February, 6th it is deep in the Russian back the organised group of three citizens of the Peoples Republic of China which have intentionally broken frontier of the Russian Federation has been detained. Malefactors were going to leave from prosecution and to be dissolved on the Russian open spaces. As it was found out, for earlier perfect offences entrance to Russia has been forbidden all three Chineses, but they have decided to risk. Concerning these infringers criminal case is brought.

On listed facts all above to frontier protection of the Peoples Republic of China statements with instructions are sent to accept more effectual measures on putting in order on sites Russian - the Chinese border, informs a press - FSB service PU across Khabarovsk territory and EAO.