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In Chita in road failure was lost 19 - the summer girl

Something terrible is created on our roads lately. Car inspectors of pedestrians and drivers how much do not warn, is more vigilant those and not others do not become. And meanwhile, in the winter on slippery roads there can be everyone.

So for the last days, according to UGIBDD UMVD on Transbaikalian edge, in region has occurred 21 road accidents.   one person was lost, six - have got wounds of various severity level.

Yesterday in the morning on Lipatov`s street in Chita « gazelist » has brought down the drunk pedestrian passing road in an unstated place. The man remained is live, but has for a long time rung out in hospital. Doctors have counted at it set of grasses: closed cranial - a brain trauma, a bruise of a brain of heavy degree, regional crisis 5 - go a vertebra, crisis of bones of a basin, alcoholic intoxication.

And here 19 - the summer girl also passing road in not put place last night in village Ugdan, was lost under car wheels.

Approximately during the same time in village Bukachacha from the bridge the UAZ has flied, the car has lighted up. The driver has completely scorched, in a critical status it have taken to hospital. The two its passengers, one 26 years, with ushiblennoj a head wound, and the second, 30 - summer, with open crisis of the right elbow joint are hospitalised also.