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Airline S7 considers a case at the Irkutsk airport regular

the Case   at the airport of Irkutsk now discusses all the Internet - community.

we will remind, on February, 14th on a runway hardly there was no terrible accident. two passenger planes hardly have not faced , when one An - 26 airlines Angara was going to fly up, and the air bus And - 320 airlines S7 Airlines (Siberia) came in the land. Time to miss each other at liners was a little: at flight « Moscow - Irkutsk » remains three minutes till the moment of touching with the earth. To land it should akkurat in that place of a strip where during this moment was   An - 26. Onboard both courts there were nearby 115 persons. Details > > >

As could occur that crew of the small plane zameshkal with soar, experts now understand. Situation took on personal control East - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor.

however, airline S7 Airlines to which posesses an air bus, does not consider the pilots as heroes.

- the information does not represent the facts, - have commented « in a press - service S7 Airlines. - Dangerous rapprochement on landing was not. The commander of crew of the plane And - 320 S7 Airlines, carrying out flight Moscow – Irkutsk, under the decision of the dispatcher in a regular mode has left on the second circle as take-off - the landing strip has been occupied by other aircraft.

what versions are put forward by pilots about the reasons of state of emergency read HERE  

the Scheme of state of emergency in aeoroportu Irkutsk: on vzletke   two planes hardly have not faced.