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Krasnoyarsk HK “Yenisei“ was crushed by archangelical “Water-transport worker“

Krasnoyarsk hockey “ Yenisei ” has made the second uniform defeat archangelical “ to the Water-transport worker ” in this season. We will remind that on January, 5th the meeting of commands has ended   the bill 11:1 in favour of Krasnoyarsk citizens. This time the match bill has made 7:1 in advantage “ Yenisei ”.

- Already on 2 minute “ the Water-transport worker “ has acquired the right to a penalty. SHvetsov has broken rules. But, the Novel Black in which already time plays above any praises. It took dvenadtsatimetrovyj! It is Literally after pair minutes arhangelogorodtsy have earned also the angular. Angered by such turn of events players “ Yenisei “ poddavili pomorov. All has begun with that angular. Having struck aside blow and having picked up a ball, in attack Vikulin and Tolstihin have directed. The captain has hammered, - has told a press - the attache “ Yenisei ” Sergey Murzin.

Further game went like clockwork.   “ Yenisei ” confidently threw balls   in gate of the rival.   now “ Yenisei ” occupies the first line of standings.   “ sharp-sighted “ lags behind on one point. Our command will spend the following match   in Murmansk.