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It has appeared the fireman there is nothing to extinguish fire: near Novosibirsk 4 persons were lost, including - two children

Yesternight near Novosibirsk there was a strong fire. At the blazing house the roof has failed, in a flame four persons were lost. There was a tragedy in the street Garden in Mochishche.          

- In four minutes after departure, at 03:14, to a place there has arrived the first fire division. At this time the house burnt with open fire, - informs a press - service of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Novosibirsk region. - in the house firemen have found out four victims the person: the mistress of 55 years, the woman of 30 years and its children of 13 years and 2 years. The owner of 58 years in a grave condition is hospitalised in resuscitation of the Burn centre.

the Cause of the fire while is unknown. Rescuers inform that with suppression there were serious problems: in a waterpipe too low pressure was put. To fill the tank, it was necessary to go to a water tower. And it – an order of 2,5 kilometres from a scene.

- On the given fact administrative investigation is raised, - speak in the Ministry of Emergency Measures.