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Vladimir Yakushev has commented on Putin`s published in « article;

On Monday, on February, 13th, in « » there was Vladimir Putin`s next program article « justice Building. Social policy for Russia ».

the Comment of the governor of V.Yakushev:

- In the international practice there is one integrated indicator characterising development of social sphere of a society – the Index of development of human potential (IRCHP). It is a complex comparative indicator of expected life expectancy, literacy, education and a standard of living. On this indicator which is annually published in frameworks of the Program of development of the United Nations, Russia last year occupied 66 place and concerned group of the countries with high level IRCHP. Even more a good result comparable to many leaders of a rating – at the Tyumen region. Certainly, it is pleasant, when you so highly appreciate, but we well know that problems in social sphere at us on - former suffice. It both quality of education, and worthy pension, attraction of talented youth in a science, on manufacture, creation effective « social lifts » decrease in a material inequality and many other things. Not casually, these questions lifts in the article « justice Building. Social policy for Russia » V.V.Putin.

Vladimir Vladimirovich has planned the most important directions in development of an infrastructure of the Russian society for the next years. Has built some kind of « beacons » on which it is necessary to head, that Russia, remaining the social state, became on - to the present attractive to work and life the country.

It is assured, many will estimate the social program of Century V   Putin, after all the essence of offered measures directly follows from its meetings with citizens of the country, references of concrete people. In particular, it is questions of support of families with children, developments of additional education, vocational school... Similar offers arrived and on my video blog on the Internet.

Which - that to us managed to be made at regional level. I think, with joining of possibilities of the federal centre, productivity of our programs will essentially grow.

last year in the Tyumen region on 30 % the salary to all workers of budgetary sphere has been raised, it concerns also professional schools. Moreover, in those establishments which have concluded tripartite contracts about cooperation with authorities of region and employers, the salary of masters of inservice training already today not more low, than at the branch enterprises. In professional schools for training to modern technologies of the future workers we initially agreed about a direction of the experts with heads of the enterprises. For such masters average earnings in a constant place of work are left.

It only one example of that all measures designated by Vladimir Vladimirovichem are quite real.

Till today as shows experiment, the majority of the major problems which were put before the country by V.V.Putin, being the head of our state, have been solved. I do not doubt that it will have enough forces, energy and experience to mobilise forces of our country for achievement of new boundaries.