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Drunk amurchanka the inhabitant has left the four-monthly girl on snow

on February, 11th has sat down Tambovka plaid about alcohol at home. Soon to make sour in loneliness to it has bored, and it has gone on a visit to a familiar married couple at which the daughter 4 months ago was born. Newly made parents were delighted to the unbidden guest and with pleasure have kept its the company. About the babe needing a permanent care, the pair as - that has not thought. By the evening pjanka has ended, and mum with the father have safely fallen asleep. Having judged what to leave the child without supervision not gozhe, the drunk guest took the girl and has incurred home. On road the babe has dropped out of hands of the drunkard directly on snow, and that … has very quietly gone further, at all without having remembered the « to a burden ». By a lucky chance at this time from the house near which the unfortunate child lay, there was a woman, has seen the girl and has brought to itself home. After that the rescuer has called in police and hospital. Only thanks to it the babe remained is live and healthy.

By data Offices of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region , against the woman who have taken away the child from parents, criminal case under article « is brought; Ostavlenie in danger ». Besides, the Office of Public Prosecutor now checks careless parents of the distressful babe and bodies of system of preventive maintenance, neglect and offences of minors of area.