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Stadium for CHM on football of 2018 have definitively decided to build on the Arrow

Yesterday has taken place a press - conference of the assistant to the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Dmitry Svatkovsky.

Vsvoem the report Dmitry Svatkovsky has mentioned development of infrastructural objects, in particular, reconstruction of the Nizhniy Novgorod airport and building FOKov in area areas.

- for last year at the airport 15 new directions are entered that in one and a half time has increased a volume of passenger traffic, and at the expense of reconstruction of the operating passenger terminal its carrying capacity has increased twice, - the assistant to the Governor has underlined. – Besides, in 2011 we have placed in operation five new FOKov, and also a sports complex of school of the Olympic reserve.

we Will notice that in region already functions 21 fizkulturno - an improving complex, in each of them is engaged about 1,5 thousand children, and for 4 years of existence FOKov them has visited more than 12 million persons.  

in frameworks a press - conferences the assistant to the Governor has sounded also plans for 2012. As he said, year will be sated on events, in particular in sports sphere. So, autumn of 2012 organising committee FIFA will define the definitive list of cities - organizers of the World championship on football of 2018.

- We long studied variants of placing of stadium and have made the decision on expediency of its building around the Arrow, - Dmitry Svatkovsky has declared. – Besides, in the summer at us will pass the European championship on rhythmic gymnastics which will collect more than 300 strongest sportswomen from 26 countries.