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In Ulyanovsk postavshchitsa details for Oise three years the Woman hid real incomes

delivered details for industrial machine tools on the Ulyanovsk car factory and other large enterprises of region. Such activity assumes the big expenses for purchase and the subsequent sale of the goods. Thus, also taxes it is necessary to pay. It to it to do and it would not be desirable. Then she has thought up the scheme on which could avoid large financial losses.

- It included in tax declarations obviously false data on purchase of the goods at fictitious firms, - the senior assistant to the chief of SOU SKR across the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Sorokin tells. – better to say, she bought the goods it is not known where, made false documents on financial operations. Thus it was possible to it to hide real incomes.

However the spent check for the so-called tax period since January, 1st 2007 on July, 15th, 2010 has revealed these infringements and has exposed the swindler. It was found out that thanks to fictitious documents the inhabitant of Ulyanovsk has evaded from payment of taxes to a total sum more than one million roubles. Criminal case under article « is already brought; non-payment of taxes ». Investigation proceeds. It is necessary to tell that when will come to check up time the tax period since July, 15th 2010 on present time, probably, infringements will be found out again.