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In Omsk the living wage

has gone down on February, 15th the living wage size is confirmed new . As informs a press - regional government service , for the fourth quarter 2011 counting on soul of the population it makes 5 258 roubles.

For able-bodied population it is established at a rate of 5 642 roubles, for pensioners – 4 200 roubles, for children – 5 075 roubles. That is in comparison with the last quarter the size has decreased for all categories of the population of the Omsk region.

living wage Fall have explained that cost of a set of foodstuff, services and volume of obligatory payments have considerably fallen in price. By the way, in the third quarter 2011 among principal causes of decrease in an indicator reduction of average consumer prices by fruit-and-vegetable production is named.

So, the average price for a potato has decreased in October - December, 2011 in comparison with July - September, 2011 about 15,86 rbl. to 7,84 rbl. for kg (for 51 percent), on carrots - about 19,80 rbl. to 10,48 rbl. for kg (for 47 percent), on an onion - about 20,27 rbl. to 13,41 rbl. for kg (for 34 percent).

On the size of a living wage on the average per capita the Omsk region continues remain on a leading rating place among regions the Siberian federal district.