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To automobile owners of Krasnoyarsk region give out lime checkups!

in Krasnoyarsk region owners of points of checkup (during action of the new law on passage of checkup of vehicles) have faced an unfair competition of partners, have told in the Ministry of transport of edge. One of large operators of passage THAT in our corner of the world is the company « KrasTehEkspert ». The director of this noncommercial partnership and its colleague for business are revolted by work of firm of Joint-Stock Company « Checkup » which actually works only on a paper.

- this organisation does not have any points THAT, - the director « speaks; KrasTehEkspert » Leonid Uglovsky. - Drivers who are converted into this firm, receive « lime » the policy, and leaving on road on the faulty car, endanger itself and other participants of movement. Besides, the owner of such policy at road accident will not receive any insurance payments, and even will pay off for the second participant of failure.  

the transport Ministry urges automobile owners to pass checkup only in specialised points.

- Today in edge the accredited and equipped point of checkup works 101, - the minister of transport of Krasnoyarsk region Zahar Titus speaks. - their list is placed on an official site of the ministry in section « Points of checkup of vehicles in Krasnoyarsk region ». In process of receipt of the new information from RSA the document will be updated. In the near future the series of measures which will allow according to necessity to provide with points THAT all areas of edge will be developed.