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Sergey Zhvachkin: I have arrived to the Tomsk region for ever

-   I long enough was silent, therefore should be rehabilitated before tomichami, - so there has begun the performance the candidate for governors. - for me it is disturbing, sign day. 33 years ago I have arrived in Strezhevoj where has begun the labour activity. And here today I stand on this tribune, expecting your decision. I am proud of that veins in this person, wonderful area. I do not know, you will accept what decision, but for these two weeks of hundred people to me wrote, called, passed support words through the familiar. And this human recognition for me means not less, than any fast. I agree with the country leaders that our area is unique. All of us tell time about special Tomsk spirit and a special place of the Tomsk region among subjects of the Russian Federation. It is valid so.

  And Sergey Zhvachkin has mentioned minuses: in its opinion, it is excessive politizirovannost the Tomsk region and bad removability of elite.

  -   Very few new names, - it has explained. - on the one hand, it is a source of stability of region. But we understand that it is necessary to start up and fresh blood — in the Tomsk region many clever young men. For this purpose it is necessary to develop any rules on which we will play. That me has still amazed, it politizirovannost the Tomsk region. I such did not see never!

  Sergey Zhvachkin has expressed confidence that membership in « should become the main things for all inhabitants of region; parties tomichej » Also has assured that in case of the appointment to the post of the governor will build high-grade dialogue with representatives of all forces.

  - I will Involve in the command all clever and talented, - he has promised.