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Under Gajd - park in Petersburg suggest to allocate coast of the Petrovsky pond

In Athenes there is an Areopagus, is known for that apostle Paul there acted. In London there is Gajd - park. The public should take place, where it is possible to express the opinion without thinking about bureaucracy. Such idea was sounded by the prime minister - the minister in the beginning to week. A convenient place for meetings at once have started to look for in Moscow. Northern capital too does not lag behind.  

-   the Place for discussions and   loud expression   opinions it would be possible to organise along coast of the Petrovsky pond on Petrovsky island, - deputy MO Petrovsky Dmitry Ilkovsky offers. -   to reach easily from two metro stations - Chkalovsky, Sports. Especially a variant already checked up by mass actions at stadium Petrovsky . 22000 persons easily approach and leave from stadium. And the Petrovsky pond in akkurat is behind Petrovsky stadium. Transport practically is not present. Only kindergartens on severo - east coast, but a place for expression of emotions holding a meeting it is possible to define on opposite, where a sandy beach (for bathing not intended). Apartment houses are not present!

Separate colour to a place to local meetings, according to the deputy, could add a tribune on water .

-   Such political platform   in one country is not present, - Dmitry Ilkovsky marks. - Such small paromchik, that type which carries tourists in Ekaterina`s park in pavilion on island. Organizers and speakers on the middle have come up and broadcast as is wished. Anybody to you the stranger on a raft will not swim away. Coast will be very convenient for mass meeting - an amphitheatre. If that, also life-saving station nearby from GIMSa. And in the summer near it training of dogs - divers. Risk to sink at holding a meeting - a zero.