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The tandem murmanchan and pitertsev will create an ice sculpture at the international competition

In Petrozavodsk this week is faster celebratory, than the worker – here on the Valentine day XI International winter festival « has opened; giperboreja ». With sacred Valentine this grandiose event has no communication, unless all its participants very much love life and to give happiness to all around.

Together with official start of a feast the beginning and one of its platforms &ndash has been given; to competition of ice and snow sculptures. Take in it part and murmanchane. Murmansko - a Petersburg trio from Ivan Epihova, Glafira Severjanova and Svetlanas Gubarevoj will create a composition under a gentle name « the Maya ». A competition it will make not only northerners, but also « birds of passage ». Onion of Bonetti, Bonfandini Gian Mario, Nikola Giana have arrived from Italy. Their idea for victory – a sculpture « the Winter cloth ». Many already guess, as children of this southern country will manage to be switched from a weakening languid siesta to severity of colds.   and here Branko Belingar, Carmen Pechnik and Metka Belingar have arrived from Slovenia and have decided a jimjams not to start up. Their creation carries the philosophical name « the Spirit of the age ». In total competitors at our fellow countrymen – 30 commands on 3 persons.

- any interested person can observe Of their work. Competition results will bring on Saturday on February, 18th. Winners in nominations « the Ice sculpture » and « the Snow sculpture » (the big cube) monetary awards and memorable gifts will receive. The best in a nomination « the Snow children`s sculpture » Will award with special prizes and memorable diplomas, - informs a site to administration of Petrozavodsk city district.

  In total on « giperborei » some tens different actions are planned. So to miss to its visitors it is not necessary – if only to find time to go that has attracted. Well and frosts that did not disturb.