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In Tatarstan the pedophile enticed to itself boys computer games

Inspectors of Almetyevsk have finished investigation of criminal case concerning 41 - summer Kamilja Gilfanova. Him accuse of dissolute actions of minors.

Under the version of the investigation, since December 2010 till September, 2011 in Almetyevsk, Kamil Gilfanov got acquainted in the street with juvenile boys and invited to itself to play on the computer. Thus besides computer games, the man showed to juvenile visitors of a porno and corrupted schoolboys.

After in September of last year teachers of school have learnt that pupils visit Kamilju Gilfanovu, they were converted into police with the request to check up, than children in apartment of the adult man are engaged. As a result children have told all.

Already it was during the investigation found out that apartment of the man have visited not less two tens boys. He only however has seduced four.

The fault of Kamil Gilfanov did not recognise. Business now in the relation of the man is passed in Almetyevsk city court for consideration in essence, informs SOU SK of Russia across Tatarstan.