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900 thousand inhabitants of the Novosibirsk region have visited theatres

According to the ministry of culture of the Novosibirsk region, theatre – one of the most demanded art forms at novosibirtsev. For the last year spectators of Novosibirsk theatrical performances became almost 900 thousand townspeople and inhabitants of area. And in comparison with 2010 this indicator has increased on 30 thousand persons. Besides, for the last year Novosibirsk theatres had been played 2870 performances, 48 prime ministers have taken place.

- Annually on creation of new statements from the area budget goes an order of 45 million roubles, - Natalia Yaroslavtsev, the minister of culture NSO has told. - Besides, transition of the theatrical establishments subordinated to the ministry of culture, in the status independent (it has come to the end by 2009), allows them to direct today on these purposes own incomes – from 5 to 10 million roubles a year. It is necessary to tell that the quantity of performances grows in our region annually.

As informs a press - service of the governor and government NSO, from total number of the performances of 40 % played in 2011 make statements for children, of them 12 prime ministers.