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Saratovets has killed the noisy neighbour a screw-driver

the Body 58 - summer Yury Hvesina* it was revealed law enforcement officers in one of the houses located in Factory area. Experts have counted on killed more than twenty wounds. Under the version of the investigation, the man was lost after a sit-round gathering with friends.

In July, 2011 Yury Hvesin with the friends Nikolay and Alexey whiled away evening together. Before all the mood was changed at 33 - summer Nikolay. To make a complaint it began unexpectedly to the friend. Most of all it was not pleasant to it that the neighbour loudly listened to music in the evenings. When dispute has passed in fight, Nikolay has seized a knife and uzharil it Yury. After some minutes the third friend has joined fight 31 - summer Alexey also. It has finished the friend by means of a screw-driver.

- On the given fact criminal case has been there and then got. Now all circumstances of an event, at last - that are found out. One of these days business has been passed   In Regional court of the Saratov region, - has told to the correspondent «» the senior inspector WITH on Factory area Alexey Suprun. – In case the fault of two friends will be proved, to them threatens twenty years of prison, and even lifelong term.

(*Фамилия the hero it is changed at the desire of a consequence).