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Inspectors of Syktyvkar have opened a unique crime against justice

the Crime has occurred in one of premises of a pre-trial detention centre 1 GUFSIN Russia on RK which Top Chov is in settlement.

to the Person on remand 34 - to summer inhabitant Ust - Vymsky area on July, 20th, 2011 for acquaintance have given fifteen volumes of criminal case. The man, being afraid of criminal prosecution, has stolen one volume of business and has destroyed it.

How it has finished with the book, inspectors do not explain, referring to secrecy of the investigation. Under what articles accused a grief - the criminal, it becomes known after sentence announcement in court.

By the way, criminal prosecution to the man not to avoid. In - the first, on it on - former   hangs Business, with one of which volumes it has finished, and in - the second, on it one more now is got - as regards 2 articles 294 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (intervention in activity of the inspector, with a view of discouraging to an all-round, full and objective legal investigation). On it the poor fellow is threatened with the penalty to 80 thousand roubles, 480 hours of corrective works or arrest for 6 months.