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In Murmansk area will construct school Skolkovo

Innovative centre Skolkovo to the Polar region had until recently only indirect relation. But all flows all changes - Apatity managed the honourable right to school Skolkovo opening. Yesterday at exit session of board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Murmansk area the decision was accepted that to the unusual project in the north to be. Project realisation is planned roughly for September, 2012. Apatity became one of 12 winners of competition of projects of educational institution of the future together with Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk and more several cities with good scientific base. In total 202 Russian cities participated in it.

Representatives of working group on creation apatitskoj schools Skolkovo admitted that anything innovative did not think out. Have simply collected the best ideas of world and domestic teachers.

- We want to make school of new type, but thus we will follow, of course, to the general educational standard, - Svetlana Kotelnikova, the head of department of education of the city of Apatity has declared.

On a primary idea, in skolkovskuju school will accept not only ingenious and talented children, but also even those who studies on « 3 ». Its founders believe that all children are unique and have potential. The school will be divided into 5 sections for children from 0 till 18 years.

is more detailed about apatitskoj to school Skolkovo read in for February, 20th.