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In Kuzbas the potato and coffee

  have risen in price fish; - the Price situation in the food market of area is characterised by relative stability, - experts of regional branch of Federal Agency of the state statistics have explained.

  For the last month have risen in price a little: frozen fish (1,5 %), coffee - in grains and ground (2,1 %), a potato, belokochannaja cabbage and fresh carrots (from 3,0 to 3,9 %).

  At the same time the prices for macaroni and groats have decreased on 1,2 %. Thus millet has fallen in price on 5,7 %, grechka on 2,6 %, ovsjanaja and pearl-barley groats on 2,7 %.

  average street prices on other basic foodstuff remained practically without change.

  Kemerovostat underlines that from seven traced regions SFO in Kuzbas the minimum street prices on bread and bakery products from wheat flour of 1 and 2 grades, a liver beef, sausages, sausages, sausage boiled 1 - go and   are registered; the higher grades, and also sgushchenoe milk.

  the Second place on a rating of floor prices in the Kemerovo region beef, pork, okorochka chicken occupies, milk drinking 2,5 - 3,2 % of fat content, cottage cheese, granulated sugar, cookies, table salt and a potato.