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To Omsk tried to take illegally metal, fire wood and skins

As informs a press - service UGIBDD across the Omsk region , on February, 14th on country highways employees of traffic police have stopped three attempts of illegal transportation of valuable cargoes.

In 10. 20 on 17 kilometre roads Omsk - Russian Glade at check « GAZELLES » at the wheel which sat 58 - the summer inhabitant of Omsk area, it has appeared that on transported cargo (1,5 tons of a breakage of ferrous metal) there are no documents.

Whence and where the given cargo followed, now it is necessary to find out to employees OMVD of Russia on Omsk area where there was preprovozhden a detained driver.

And in Tarsky area a traffic police squad in 16. 20 on 7 kilometre of road Container - Sedelnikovo at carrying out operatively - preventive action « the Timber carrying vessel » the car « has been stopped for check; KAMAZ - 5320 » - in a body 13 cubic metre of wood of coniferous breeds were found out.

25 - the summer driver also could not present the corresponding permission to their transportation. It is delivered for the further trial in MOMVD to Russia « Tarsky ».

it was necessary to Change a movement route and 48 - to the summer driver of the truck stopped in 17. 40 on stationary fast the Tjukalinsky path : at car examination 150 sheepskin skins without documents are revealed. Value of cargo in the near future will define in Rosselhoznadzore across the Omsk region.