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In MVDTS Siberia has landed the navigating space vehicle


the Exposition of Krasnoyarsk region at an exhibition, of course, the greatest. It is issued in the form of separate stands, each of which is devoted separate subjects. The first that is evident – it is the navigating space vehicle   « Glonass - To » its model has settled down right at the beginning. Hardly it is possible to see model of reconstruction of the airport « further; Emeljanovo ».

- we have already actually started reconstruction. If to drive to the airport it is possible to see how there is a preparation for building,   all is enclosed by a fence. Reconstruction cost at the first stage (2012 – 2014) makes 3,5 billion roubles. All demanded sum of 5 billion,   - the managers accompanying an exposition tell.

On Saturday, here on KEFe, problems and prospects of development of the airport will be discussed. Ways of attraction in vozdtsshnoe space of edge of foreign air carriers.

Nearby the company « MKL Grup » represents predesign   introduction offers in Krasnoyarsk a high-speed tram. The manager   not only tells to visitors about the project, but also shows, how it will be on an example of other cities, continually, being converted to the electronic panel behind the back.   such serious project, as « is there and then presented; the Cluster of space and nuclear technologies BUT Zheleznogorsk. A bit further … also murmur   is audible; waters. Such sound number accompanies an exhibition « Water - our life » the companies « Krasky ».

  Between expositions there are little tables for which it is possible to sit down and discuss something behind a coffee cup.   By the way, such mini - cafes are organised practically everywhere and as behind them it is possible to support cleanliness for me remains a riddle. Ubrshchiki operate silently and almost invisibly. Only once I have seen babulechku   in a dark blue uniform carefully wiping panel « the Investment map of Krasnoyarsk region » the representing big monitor, on which any interested person can deduce the necessary information on region.

On the other hand a hall expositions of other regions have settled down. To us have arrived omichi, kemerovchane, severo - Caucasians, representatives of Altay territory, Tyvy.

- Here it is the project of our sports construction. In it the central arena will be transformed and by means of a sliding scene to turn to a concert hall, - tells Ajdys a Garden, one of accompanying an exhibition. Two others – girls in national suits.

On a question, what for at an exhibition in Krasnoyarsk they show the project of the sport construction, Ajdys smiling speaks: in hope that any soinvestor will become interested. But there and then recovers and explains that   the project is financed in general - that by the state. Not absolutely clearly. Here severo - Caucasians clearly what for have arrived - to prompt where it is necessary to inhabitants of our corner of the world to have a rest.   and the exposition is called accordingly « Resorts of the North Caucasus ».

By the way, if now in MVDTS Siberia it is possible to pass only that who is accredited on Saturday evening to look at an exhibition plan to start up all interested persons.