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One of teenagers which have run away from correctional school of Irkutsk, is found

As have informed the correspondent « » in department of criminal investigation department GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on region, pupils of correctional school of microdistrict It is new - Lenino left time and again without the prevention. Also policemen have once again denied hearings about mass disappearance of people which ostensibly occur in Irkutsk … DETAILS > > >

- absolutely silly to assume that at us people abduct on bodies, - the chief of department of criminal investigation department UUR GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Irkutsk region Sergey Chen speaks - is young - Thaw, -   All these sms mailings - the present madness. Full nonsense. A situation in Irkutsk the stable. Almost all who vanish – are. Other gone it is known pofamilno.

By the way, those who has dismissed hearings about disappearance of people, now too search. Has reached even that the governor of the Irkutsk region Dmitry Mezentsev was converted to policemen with the request to find those who spreads panic. DETAILS

Among those for whom continue to search -   two students. Semaks and Alexey Butorin`s Daniel. Upon their loss criminal cases are raised.   inspectors work. Volunteers have pasted over all city with orientations. DETAILS

By the way, policemen do not exclude, the mass hysteria in Irkutsk (apropos ostensibly unknown disappearance of people) can be   it is connected just with these announcements.   after all it is a lot of them! Plus – disturbing sms.

Policemen of region ask inhabitants of Irkutsk not to give in to a panic.