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On regiments of the Ryazan shops became less cheese

Import of cheeses of three Ukrainian manufacturers has been forbidden in Russia by Rospotrebnadzorom and since February, 8th employees of the Ryazan management of department have stopped sale of 51 parties of this product. The reason — discrepancy   to the Russian requirements of technical regulations of dairy production and milk.

As have told « in Ryazan Rospotrebnadzore, now all of 2035 withdrawn kgs are stored. To find out, a leah is in this cheese fats of a dairy origin, on test took 16 samples. Those parties in which will find out harmful substances, will be utilised. The others while will leave stored — to the further instructions from above.

Rjazantsy have already felt shortage of this product. According to the head of department of articles of food TD « the Leopard » Trajan   Mereutsy, almost right after removals of the Ukrainian cheeses from shelves, the indignation wave has gone.

- Assortment of cheeses at us huge but to notice the grades removed from counters the Russian analogues it is impossible. Quality of our cheeses essentially more low, thus the price does not correspond to quality,   - Trajan Vasilyevich speaks. - to us nobody will compensate losses, but we have got used — not vpervoj.

All across Russia it is withdrawn from sale of the Ukrainian cheeses of five tons, 128,5 more tons have stopped on border. And at this time the Ukrainian factories are closed. One of the forbidden manufacturers, Open Company « Gadjachsyr » has already informed on a work suspension. Pirjatinsky syrzavod can rise any day. Representatives of the third manufacturer, state of emergency KF « prometej » about plans   while are silent. Thus the main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has declared that the list of manufacturers, whose cheeses is forbidden for importing into the country, is already expanded.

Where to call?

Dear readers! If you have found out in on a regiment of shop cheeses of the forbidden manufacturers: « Gadjachsyr » « Pirjatinsky syrzavod » and KF « prometej » call in Rospotrebnadzor. Phone (4912 92 - 98 - 07.