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Visitors of the next game club which was covered with police, asserted that were mistaken a door in shop

past Thursday, on February, 16th, police officers have closed game club which Paris was in an uninhabited premise of a private cottage in a place. Except a gambling institution in the house absolutely legal shops settled down also.

On an input in an underground institution there was a rigid face - control, and get there could only « the » people. Therefore in operation on liquidation of an illegal institution have involved even police special troops. But get inside could not at once. Law enforcement officers had to wait, while somebody will wish to catch good luck for a tail. And only when three people have approached to an institution, policemen have rushed inside.

obviously nobody waited for Visit of peace officers. In the big premise filled with game devices game went at full speed. In total in a hall was nearby 15 - and the person. The majority of them said that have got here for the first time, and someone on a broader scale asserted that was mistaken a door, thinking that it is shop.

As a result of the performed operation police officers have withdrawn 17 game machines. Owners of illegal club who should be responded on all severity of the law are now established.