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Deputies of Murmansk Regional Duma cut down themselves in the rights

On Thursday in Polar region capital has passed the session of the regional Duma of the fifth convocation first in present year. For 8 business hours deputies have discussed three ten questions. One concerned directly their shares.

- In the first reading and definitive edition the bill making changes in the law « is approved; About the status of the deputy of the Murmansk regional Duma ». It brings regional norms into accord with federal, - tells a press - service of parliament of the Polar region. - the order of creation and activity of the commission of the Duma on control over reliability of data on incomes, about property and the obligations of property character represented by deputies Is defined.

One of amendments has been initiated by governor Dmitry Dmitrienko. According to it even any bill of particulars of court concerning the deputy will turn back for the last mandate loss. This norm, we will remind, has been cancelled by the previous structure of parliament. Then zakonotvortsy have considered that the basis for exile from Duma walls can minister only heavy offences, instead of any hooliganisms yes rukoprikladstva. Now and for such fault it is necessary to concede an armchair.

Also deputies have prolonged till July, 1st period of validity of reduced price of the ground areas municipal and state properties, at their repayment proprietors of the constructions located on the given ground areas.