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In Ekaterinburg near road service station at the invalid have stolen a carriage

26 - summer Ilnar Gajetdinov, the invalid the second group on DTSP, has written the letter to the defender of all made destitute to area to Tatyana Merzljakovoj. Also asked to help to buy to it a new carriage. Because old any cynical geeks have stolen a carriage directly from street.

Ilnar regularly comes from native Mihajlovska to Ekaterinburg on procedures.

- I always left a carriage on road service station, and on a city, in public transport, moved already on crutches. But in my last visit a carriage have stolen, - has told Ilnar. – Constantly to go on crutches to shop or hospital to me it is very heavy.

to Help the invalid volunteers of voluntary movement « were called; good Roads ». They have begun a whip-round to buy Ilnaru a new carriage.

with the electric drive of series R1407 and width of a seat 47 - 50 sm (or its analogue) make Cost of an invalid carriage about 53 000 roubles. To list means it is possible on a site « good Roads » http:// dd66. ru/ pomoch - nam or to pass in branch sotszashchity in the street Kourovsky, 22. Details can be learnt by phone 213 - 05 - 31.