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Maxim Kuznetsova who has suffered at explosion in « Belladzhio » transport to Germany

As it became known on Friday, on February, 17th, to Cologne will send only one hard   the victim in Belladzhio   - 32 - summer Maxim Kuznetsova. Behind two   girls - 28 - summer Nastej Tumanovoj and 27 - summer Janinoj Gareevoj on Saturday   to Volgograd other German board will arrive.

Why for transportation of three patients it was required two planes, explain to that Maxim is in very grave condition, its transportation needs the difficult equipment, including the device of an artificial kidney to which have connected Maxim.   anyway, three patients who have most suffered at explosion and a fire in cafe Belladzhio   on days off already will be in the German clinic.  

we Will remind, the tragedy has happened on February, 14th at half past nine p.m. when visitors celebrated Day sacred Valentine. At the height of a party there was an explosion in which result have suffered more than 20 persons. According to preliminary data, gas bags which worked on premise heating have blown up. Bypassing all   rules, they stood in cafe.

On Falcon 900 will transport patients to Germany.
a photo: Darya peretjazhko

At the airport of Volgograd the jet administrative plane of French manufacture Dassault Falcon 900 has already landed. On it will transport patients to Germany. A board, really, compact enough. Its length of only 20 metres, height - eight.