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Katafoty on “ zebras “ and shone traffic signs will appear in the Vologda area

Various technical novelties which urged to take care about lives and health of pedestrians,   will be established in the near future on roads of the Vologda area.

Speech about it went the day before, on February, 16th, at the meeting devoted to safety issues of pedestrians which has passed in regional Management of traffic police of Russia on the Vologda area.

Traffic signs will be lighted in the dark

Traffic signs equip with special light-emitting diodes that drivers could see from apart in the dark a pedestrian crossing and in advance brake.   the first similar signs have already started to appear in Cherepovets. Now they are established on Northern highway and in the street Lenin.

Traffic signs in Cherepovets will be shone now at night

- the School in the street Lenin approaches directly to brisk street, - the chief specialist of Cherepovets housing and communal services Dmitry Murashkin has explained. – the sign Established in this place constantly blinks at night yellow light. Since   a shone sign have established in this place,   here there was no road accident. By the way, the people it is very live discusses. Many specially start to drive on this road to look that   this such. And that it is better to make out « a technics miracle » drivers automatically brake that avtomoaticheski reduces risk of failures.

Now   the shone sign is connected to a network of external illumination. It is in the long term planned to connect to it diodnuju a basis on the storage battery that it was loaded from a sunlight and worked round the clock.

Employees of traffic police have promised that shortly such signs will appear not only in Cherepovets, but also in streets of Vologda.

On roads Vologodchiny will establish katafoty

- Special devices will be located on poorly shined pedestrian crossings, - the chief of regional management of traffic police Nikolay Latyshev has explained. –   if in the dark the person goes on a pedestrian crossing it will close the body svetootrazhajushchie elements. That is the driver will see a silhouette of the person against svetootrazhatelej and can brake in advance.

to Establish similar elements it is planned this spring on roads   Vologda and Cherepovets. Installation will begin, as soon as snow will descend from roads, and they is dried up.

it is besides planned to clean on a broader scale some pedestrian crossings on which often there are failures to participation of pedestrians.

the Hope of occurrence of underground transitions does not leave employees of traffic police

- Now we together with public associations inspect an operational status of pedestrian crossings, - the chief of regional management of traffic police Nikolay Latyshev has explained. – after the spent check, accordingly, we make the offers. Here a pedestrian crossing October - Avksentevsky — the dangerous. Now we are engaged in it, we analyze. Most likely that we will make the offer in Administration.   can also it it is necessary to liquidate.

the Driver of a foreign car has brought down the schoolgirl and her mother on a pedestrian crossing in Vologda

According to Nikolay Latyshev soon in Vologda and Cherepovets it is necessary to establish as elevated so underground transitions. Efficiency of these measures will be quite defensible. As the risk of  destruction in such cases comes to naught.   To establish the most simple traffic light, it is necessary more than 2 million roubles, and such money while is not present.

we Will remind that only this year on area pedestrian crossings was   cars have brought down   already 45 persons: 3 from them have occurred on adjustable transitions and 42 on the noncontrollable.

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