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Business of the hospital attendant of the Ezhvinsky psychiatric hospital which have beaten the patient to death, is directed to court


the Investigatory department across Syktyvkar has finished investigation of criminal case against the former hospital attendant of the republican psychiatric hospital who have cruelly beaten the patient. After the statement of the bill of particulars the public prosecutor of Ezhvinsky area, has directed business to court.

we Will remind, inspectors have established that on November, 5th, 2011 in a dining room of psychiatric hospital there was a quarrel between the hospital attendant and the patient. As a result the medical worker has beaten 43 - the summer man. Blows by feet in a chest and a stomach of the victim have appeared deadly — the patient has died in some hours per hospital.

By results of the spent public prosecutor`s check 5 officials of psychiatric hospital are involved in a disciplinary responsibility also, and from the head physician have demanded to eliminate all infringements connected with incident.

the Hospital attendant have dismissed from hospital on November, 7th last year, in two days after tragical events. Charge to it have shown under article « Deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim ».