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The Kazan ninth-graders will hand over 5 examinations

Earlier was informed that examination on a choice will be only one. But here yesterday, on February, 16th,   parents and schoolboys at meetings in educational institutions have taken aback – examinations will be on one more. This news has appeared unexpected. Mums and fathers are most of all stirred for mentality of children.

- you represent, what is stress for the child, - the mother of one of ninth-graders speaks. – to us only yesterday at meeting have told that one more examination was added. It turns out to children it is necessary to solve for one day, they will hand over what additional subject. Because term of reception of the statement at our school till February, 20th, then they sort them and till March, 1st send in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. And it 3 months prior to certification! Moreover, on meeting teachers who teach those elective subjects so they wave hands if only not their subject have chosen came! Because nobody wants to incur responsibility – to prepare some tens children for 3 months for examinations. We in shock, children too. Already from the beginning of year they have been adjusted on 4 examinations. The director of studies of school has explained that under the law pupils should hand over 4 or 5 examinations. But they could inform about 5 - an ohm the test in the beginning of year, instead of 3 months prior to certification?

It has appeared, really, under the law the pupil who has ended 9 class, is obliged to hand over 4 or 5 examinations. From them 2 obligatory: mathematics and Russian (surrender in the form of GIA) and two at a choice (can surrender both in the form of GIA, and under tickets). Last, 5 - j examination can be established management by training for each region separately. If it is not established, pupils hand over 4 examinations.

- will Hand over 2 examinations in a choice only those schoolboys who are going to arrive in profile classes. If the pupil has solved   To arrive in technical school then it hands over 1 examination in a choice, - has told a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of Tatarstan Lilija Badurdinova.