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In Ezhvinsky area of Syktyvkar of the schoolgirl all the day kept 13 - the summer acquaintance in one of apartments and have selected at it money

Ezhvinsky investigatory division has filed criminal charges on neordinarnomu, to an event this week.

In Ezhve have stolen 13 - the summer girl and force kept it locked up in one of apartments, informs a press - service of Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Komi. Strangeness that thieves — minor girls, contemporaries suffered. Cruel children held unfortunate with 8. 30 mornings and till 6 evenings and before grinding it, have selected 1500 roubles.

What for such young persons needed to keep in an imprisonment the contemporary, inspectors yet do not know, and here time in which they did it — usual working, when all adults on work.

Now all participants field investigators interrogate, the only thing that they while find out — It not a joke and not the draw, two thieves really treated badly to suffered and have intentionally committed a crime.