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To Stavropol Territory the girl has given out an arsenal

Recently in a city policy of Nevinnomyska of Stavropol Territory was converted 28 - the summer local resident.

- the Girl is voluntary has handed over to us 32     an advowee, a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, trotyl shaku and a litre bottle with gunpowder, - have told in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Territory. - to us, it became natural, interesting, whence at the young lady such arsenal?

It has appeared, to it the acquaintance who has recently come back from places of imprisonment has on a visit come. Have sat, have noted a meeting. And   leaving, it has left any package on storage. When next day the curious mistress has glanced there and     has seen contents was frightened and     has decided to hand over     all it in police.

Its friend at once have detained.     to police officers the man has told that     has found ammunition still five years ago and has hidden near to a heating main.     After unbinding he has decided to hide a fighting arsenal at the acquaintance – and that suddenly to it home will appear suddenly police with check.

Now on the unlucky fan « militari » it is raised   business under article illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of the weapon, ammunition, explosives and explosives