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Open burning on Siberians - Guardsmen, 44 in Novosibirsk - is liquidated

we Will remind that today in Novosibirsk   at 12:04 the message on a fire in an inhabited apartment house on street of Siberians - Guardsmen, 44 (Moscow time) has arrived.   At the moment of arrival of the first fire division (12:05 Moscow time), in 2 - the floor house with a penthouse open fire the roof burnt. Firemen from the house evacuated 23 persons, four victims (three from them children) are hospitalised in medical institutions. Everything, according to ZHEU, 98 persons lived in the house.   for their heating the bus,   has been given; at school the point of time placing is organised.  

- As a result of a fire the roof, six apartments on the ground floor have burnt down, three apartments on the second floor, ladder marches are partially hurt, - have informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. -   the fire total area has made about 400 sq. metres. To development of a fire and   To fast distribution of fire on   the big area absence of fireproof processing on wooden designs of the house contributed.

16 units of technics were involved In suppression, 52 persons of staff. At 13:22 (Moscow time) the fire has been localised, at 14:06 open burning (Moscow time) is liquidated. It is made prolivka and dismantling.