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In Voronezh the illegal immigrant obokral the chief, having worked for it only two days

41 - the summer citizen of Moldova has decided to earn money for life. For this purpose it was illegally arranged on one of car washes of Northern microdistrict.

Having worked on it only two days, the worker has decided that it is enough of it, and has dragged off all gain of a car wash which the chief hid in a case. The profit for two working days at the illegal immigrant has made almost 25 thousand roubles.

- Loss the owner of a car wash has noticed practically at once and was converted into police. The local divisional has helped to calculate quickly the malefactor, - Svetlana Tokarev, the inspector of department on investigation of crimes in territory of Northern microdistrict FROM the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across Voronezh has told the lieutenant of justice. – As it has appeared, the citizen of Moldova lived together with the sozhitelnitsej. The woman wrote often applications in police on the friend as he constantly drank and deboshiril. When the owner of a car wash has told that took for work of the illegal immigrant from Moldova it is natural, the divisional has understood at once, where and as it is necessary to search for the malefactor, having remembered uncountable quantity of statements of the woman on the roommate - the Moldavian.

Policemen have detained the enterprising illegal immigrant. He admitted theft and has already partially indemnified a loss to the owner. Inspectors have filed criminal charges under article « Theft » the maximum punishment on which – till five years of imprisonment.