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JAroslavtsy have learnt about novelties of a new tourist season in Turkey

Yesterday, on February, 16th, tour operator « Aneks Tour » has brought to Yaroslavl representatives of the largest Turkish hotels that they have told about with what will surprise tourists in a new season. It appears, innovations much and all of them concern aspects of rest.

Except habitual hotels this year hotels only for adults and camp for children will open. And, if parents are afraid to send for a long time the child of one in the neighbourhood with camp there will be a hotel, in which   they can stop. As to hotel for adults – that   in it will sell vacation packages to tourists is more senior 16 years.

Usually a situation, a code you have arrived to hotel, and you do not occupy, because hour of settling 2 days, and you have arrived to 7 mornings too not a rarity. Now some hotels have decided t this time to make for the visitors comfortable. In them this year round-the-clock dining rooms, a room of mother and the child where it is possible to take a shower and have a rest after the journey will open.

As to a food, except the general table there was a dietary. So if you have decided to grow thin during holiday – that can reserve to itself the vegetables prepared on pair and to go to a gym where the trainer not only will make to you a complex, but also will recommend an optimum diet. Alcoholic drinks this year will check on licence presence even more strictly if will find out palenuju a bottle can close hotel simply. Time of a late supper prodljaetsja which - where to 2 - h o`clock in the morning. Certainly, the size of a buffet and its variety directly depends from zvezdnosti hotel. For example, in   five-stars hotels daily deliver to 6 tons of fruit! In some hotels waiters will accept orders not in the old manner with the handle and a notebook, and with tablet computers in hands. By the way, if you want to ask a question and call on a reception the answer can quite receive on the TV screen. Practically in all hotels this year there will be a plasma.

As to rest to already habitual tennis fields and a golf are added fishing, and free and driving on a sailing vessel. On - former in hotels animators and clubs for children will work. In many institutions there were reading rooms equipped with computers.