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Elderly jaroslavtsy can go in for sports free of charge in FOKah

Fizkulturno - improving complexes of Yaroslavl are opened not only for youth, but also for older persons. Improving groups for jaroslavtsev pension age - a special direction of work FOKov. For this purpose in the schedule of work of complexes special time is allocated from 12:00 till.

we Will note, to pay for employment to older persons it is not necessary, the program is financed by the municipal budget. Now health groups work in five FOKah Yaroslavl, in them are engaged an order of 240 persons and every year the number of interested persons grows.

By the way, employment are spent by modern techniques according to medical requirements and taking into account features of health under the direction of skilled experts. To register in group it is necessary to give a direction from polyclinic and the inquiry on a state of health.

the INQUIRY «»

Fizkulturno - improving complexes of Yaroslavl where pass « health groups » for elderly jaroslavtsev:

FOK in the street Big October;

FOKe in the street 1 - aja Inhabited;

a track and field athletics arena « Yaroslavl »;

FOK in the street Krasnoborsky;

FOKe in the street Slepneva