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Sergey Bozhenov has dismissed vitse - governor Alexander Dorzhdeeva

In administration of the Volgograd region the next personnel shifts. On February, 21st it became known about resignation vitse - the governor, the chairman   committee   budgetary - financial   politicians   and to Alexander Dorzhdeeva`s exchequer.

Officially this information in a press - service of administration do not confirm, referring that the order about Alexander Dorzhdeeva`s dismissal is not signed yet. However in an environment of Dorzhdeeva to us have informed that today it finishes last day and starts to pass affairs. Under the preliminary information and. The island of the head of committee is appointed its first deputy Sergey Vedeneyev.

Alexander Vladimirovich in a region management has appeared in Nikolay Maksjuty`s command. After purpose by the head of region of Anatoly Brovko it became the only thing   vitse - the governors, saved the fast.

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Alexander Dorzhdeev   has ended Kalmyk state university on a speciality « Economy and the agricultural production organisation ». It has passed a labour way In Kalmykia from   the economist in state farm to the Minister of Finance.

It represented   interests of republic at   The government of the Russian Federation, was the chairman of the government of Kalmykia. On last elections in presidents of Kalmykia Alexander Dorzhdeev was one of four candidates.

Alexander Dorzhdeev worked as the chairman of committee budgetary - the financial policy and exchequer of administration of region and the assistant to head since 2006.

the COMMENT of the EXPERT:

Andrey   Serenko, the co-ordinator of advisory council of Volgograd:

- With acceptance of the new charter of the Volgograd region, the post of the Minister of Finance becomes one of key. Therefore it is clear that Bozhenov wants to put on this post of the person to which completely would trust.   in spite of the fact that the reputation of the high quality expert was fixed to Alexander Dorzhdeevym, last years financial scandals are connected with his name some. There were claims from the deputy case, as « The keeper of a purse » as it is possible to name conditionally the chairman of committee on the finance, not only raised money and formed the budget, but also solved, as them to distribute. And it already should enter into powers of the governor and deputies. There were complainings and from heads of areas who on the eve of new year had financial problems. On an abacus of regional treasury lay an order of semibillion roubles, but in areas money has left last days the expiring year, as a result in January there were delays with payments, including salaries to state employees.