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Victims of black realtors in Magnitogorsk could pump up drugs

At victims of speculators from Magnitogorsk, which went on hunger strike to draw attention to the problem, there was a chance of the permission of their situation. People have borrowed money on the security of property: apartments and houses. Thus they have copied the habitation on swindlers who there and then have resold it. Now square metres belong to other people, and the former owners are moved by police officers. The Office of Public Prosecutor has tried to understand this history, but to be hooked to employees of bodies practically no trouble. After all people of the own free will copied the apartments.

- Not at all starving the habitation has been selected, someone took money under the car, someone under garage, - has told the public prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area Alexander Voitovich. - there is an understanding from judicial community. The chairman of regional court Vyatkin has promised that decisions on eviction of the former tenants will be reconsidered, if on that there will be bases. But my opinion is that that citizens, instead of black realtors there are more guilty. I have climbed in Interent, for the sake of interest. Such announcements everywhere: both in a network and on boxes scatter. Citizens take money and conclude contracts, than think – I do not know. But it is obvious not a head! Money took, habitation has given. Money has spent on drink or in business has enclosed, business has not gone. There are also such facts.

Nevertheless, the Office of Public Prosecutor does not refuse the help. Some criminal cases which have been closed, have now got from archives. According to Voitovich, there is data that some victims of black realtors could give to drink vodka or pump up psychotropic substances, and in such status to force to sign contracts on transfer of apartments. If it proves to be true that the habitation will be returned victims.