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In Murmansk area continue to liquidate consequences of failures on boiler-houses

Failures in Alakurtti and Kandalaksha are liquidated, but a recovery work proceeds.

According to the head of municipality Alakurtti Alexey Vladimirova, a heat supply it is renewed on the majority of objects. An exception are entrances of separate houses of a military camp 5, in particular located on addresses: street Quay, houses 23 and 25, street Kuznetsova, houses 15 and 20. The mayor has promised that warmly in them will appear by the end of day.

In Kandalaksha where yesterday without heating and water remains almost 20 thousand persons, heat giving also has begun. However practically in all houses in pipes air which is necessary for dumping has accumulated.

According to a site Kandanews , the mayor of Kandalaksha Andrey Ivans has urged local residents not to panic, if in apartments cold, and to be converted under number « 151 » or management companies.

As has informed the assistant to the head of administration Ilya Khodyrev, repair brigades work practically all day and night.

- Unfortunately, in one stage to liquidate air stoppers it will not turn out,   - he has declared. - however kommunalshchiki bypass all available housing.

In the majority socially - significant objects the heat supply is restored.