Rus News Journal

In square at circus it is possible to make the Shrove doll

this Sunday, on February, 26th, all Yaroslavl will see off the Shrove. The especial program this day was prepared also by the Yaroslavl circus.

From 12 o`clock till 16 o`clock in square to the right of circus all interested persons can drive on deer, play in snowballs, try fritters, be warmed by tea and build an own shrove (all materials are given). The created stuffed animals of the Shrove then will be exposed in circus foyer, and the best will be chosen from them - spectators will receive ribbons which can adhere to the pleasant Shrove - that on which most of all ribbons, its founders receive invitation in circus or thematic gifts conquers.

All action will be accompanied by a light music and performance of musicians with improvizatsionnoj the program, and artists and architects in real time will create art - objects on a subject of a shrove, spring mood and circus.

From 16 o`clock till 18 o`clock will pass a concert in the open air in which young Yaroslavl musicians and executors of songs of youth traffics will take part.

With 18. 30 the cinema open-air in which all interested persons can look at cartoon films and short-footage films till 20 o`clock will open. The street cafe in which it will be possible to buy hot tea, coffee, mulled wine all the day long will work.