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The head of fund of an effective policy: Putin`s Promises will lead to inflation increase

Vladimir Putin does not exclude inflation acceleration during the current year. According to the prime minister, record-breaking low indicators 2011 - go hardly will manage to be saved year. Thus the next statement of the candidate in Vladimir Putin`s presidents will not frighten voters, the head of fund of an effective policy Cyril Tanaev is assured:

- One of ways of struggle against crisis in all countries is inflating of monetary weight. Our country will not appear here away from this remarkable process, inflation will grow therefore. Among other things, it has a subjective component. During election campaign Putin has made many promises which will demand essential budgetary investments. How much they will be executed, how much they remain on a paper, the question separate and now while philosophical, therefore to tell, how much these promises will lead to essential promotion of inflation, to tell difficultly. But that abundantly clear that they will urge on this inflation, is the fact.