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Near Volgograd the man has spent days in one house with a corpse of the brother

Tragedy has happened on February, 14th on the eve of Day of the enamoured. Two brothers, 36 - summer Alexey and 32 - summer Nikolay (names are changed), lived almost ascetics in Olhovsky area of the Volgograd region. Their farm was almost in 20 from the nearest settlement. Men looked after cattle, protected territory and lived on a farm.

Lesha recently often said that its life is not has gone right, has passed by. The man worried. That and has not found the place, did not marry, has not got a family. On February, 14th it since morning went the gloomy. And about an hour, having waited, while the brother leaves, took a gun and was shot. On a table remained agonal the notes, written on a newspaper scrap.

the Man has written last words on the newspaper.
a photo: Darya Peretjazhko

Nikolay who has Come running on noise with horror has found out the dead brother in blood pools. He has immediately started to call and call to the aid. But from - for a strong snowfall of road has brought, therefore the help could arrive only to nine mornings of next day.


the Man has said goodbye to the brother and mum.
a photo: Darya Peretjazhko

- On the given fact check is spent. Most likely, criminal case excitation it will be refused, - has informed «» Yury Rechitsky, a deputy head Ilovlinsky MRSO SOU SKR across the Volgograd region.