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In Khakassia have detained the automobile car thief

Police Khakassias have detained 14 - the summer automobile car thief. The teenager got into the car another`s cars twice, now concerning it criminal case is brought.

- For the first time it has stolen an old foreign car, - have told in a press - service UGIBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Republic Khakassia. – the boy has opened a door by means of a screw-driver, however has decided what to get the car under windows of owners – business brave. Then it, pushing, has rolled out the car for the house and only has then inserted a screw-driver into the ignition lock. In some hours, it is a lot of nakatavshis, the teenager has arrived on the street and has left the car near to the house. In the next morning the fellow has sat down again for a wheel of the stolen car and without problems has left in school. Here transport was found out also by the police officers who have received the message on stealing. But inspectors with one fact as in some days the history has repeated had not time to understand. The teenager has sat down for a wheel of another`s car, but get this time it could not. Then he has glanced in a glove compartment and has stolen therefrom a purse. As it was found out later, anything valuable there has not appeared - only documents on the car. The schoolboy, without hesitation, has thrown out a wallet in a cellar of one of houses. Concerning the minor criminal case, and, despite early age is brought, now it on - to the adult should be responsible for the acts.