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In Moldova began to use more than tourist agencies

As Svetlana Bulgak has specified the chief of Department of statistics of market services NBS, 54,6 % from 10,8 thousand visited Moldova last year foreign tourists and the tourist agencies which have used services and tour operators, there have arrived to our country for rest and entertainments, 40,1 % - on affairs and business, and 5,3 % - for treatment.

the Greatest number visited   Moldova foreign tourists has arrived from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Japan, France and Holland.

At the same time at intermediary of tourist agencies and tour operators in 2011 abroad have visited 136,1 thousand Moldavian tourists and tourists, or on 16,1 % more than last year. The majority of the citizens who have visited abroad of Moldova - 97,5 % left for rest and entertainments. Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt and Greece were the basic tourist directions.

the Number of internal tourists for the accounting period has made 37,8 thousand persons that on 6,1 % it is more in comparison with 2010. Agencies from Kishinev, and also northern and southern regions on development were the basic tour operators of the given type of service.

Data NBS does not include areas of a left bank of Dnestr and the city of Bendery.