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Management Mails of Russia across Komi conducts own investigation on the scandalous affairs which have occurred lately

After two resonant incidents which have happened in branches « Mails of Russia » for the last some days time, UFPS across Komi makes own investigation on each of them.

we Will remind that the first crime investigate in Vorkuta where the employee of mail has appropriated the money intended for payment of pensions. Inspectors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have found out that the suspect, even in the autumn of last year, has started to forge signatures of pensioners on documents and to steal their money. When zloumyshlennitsu « have exposed » it has appeared that the sum stolen makes more than 700 thousand roubles.

For prevention of similar cases, the post service has strengthened control over the employees. The management of the Vorkuta post office and the branch of a mail service where the criminal worked, are already involved in a disciplinary responsibility. Own investigation is conducted in close cooperation with law enforcement bodies.

One more check is spent in branch uhtinskogo post office where on Sunday there was an accident which has led to death of the little girl. The child who has passed together with the stepmother in office accommodation, has clamped in the post conveyor. When the girl have found out, it was already dead.

In Management of Federal mail service RK - branch « Mails of Russia » « have confirmed: at Uhtinsky post office have broken all statutory acts on a labour safety, rules of the admission and abiding on a workplace.

As informs a press - department service, in Ukhta special group UFPS which will define degree of fault of employees of Uhtinsky post office already works, whose negligent actions have led to tragedy. The guilty will be punished according to the current legislation.

After the happened events of check will begin in all divisions of mail in republic.