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Historical vinaigrette of 1917 will spread out on plateaus

Vladimir Tchernyshev`s Film « the Domino effect. February revolution in destiny of Russia » leaves on NTV television channel and becomes the next attempt to understand in enigmatic events of the beginning of the XX-th century.

All vinaigrette of history - plot against Nikolay II, First World War failures,   rasputinshchina, grain rebellion and putilovskaja strike - will be rethought and spread out on plateaus.

Authors have gone behind materials to Taurian, Jusupovsky, Mariinsky palaces of St.-Petersburg.

the Film crew has visited an office of last Russian emperor in Imperial village, in Mogilyov – a place of last imperial rate, and at station the Bottom of the Pskov province and in most   Pskov where emperor Nikolay II has signed the manifesto on renunciation of a holy table, and the imperial monarchy has officially stopped the existence.

By preparation of a material the author tried to understand lots of myths which entangle events of 1917: a leah Nikolay II from the power recanted and what for have shot Rasputina, a leah financed the West red and a leah was the Jewish plot ?

Surprisingly, first of all, as for few days it has been destroyed 300 - the summer state seeming during that moment even to many revolutionaries firm. So it is never simple in the history occurs. On the one hand – this surprising suicide of political elite, with another – enormous pressure of external forces. And on a broader scale – the strangest – how the country waring in another`s territory, not admitted blockade of Petrograd, not evacuating factories for Ural Mountains could, in few days to cast itself into defeatist depression, depression and chaos? - the author of the program Vladimir Tchernyshev is perplexed.

the Documentary tape will show, how unexpectedly fallen down freedom has turned back blood, and revolution has absorbed the sons. The next two years for many professional history-makers become final in their life. Law?

« the Domino effect. February revolution in destiny of Russia » NTV, on February, 29th, 23. 35