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In Tver session on business of deputy Andrey Rigina

Today, on February, 21st is transferred, in central in the Central district court of Tver the next session on business of the deputy of a municipal duma of Andrey Rigina should take place. Planned to interrogate the defendant, to finish judicial examination, to spend judicial debate.

Under the version of the investigation, in 2010 Rigin has bribed representatives of several civil engineering firms who planned to participate in competition on repair of the central avenue of the Tver gardens.

Works have been estimated in 2 million 800 thousand roubles. The deputy who supervises over civil engineering firm, has suggested a management of others building to pay the organisations for that they have refused participation in competition. In total the payoff sum has made 200 thousand roubles.   competitors have agreed, though on the brother it was necessary on 11 thousand roubles,   and the deputy became the individual winner of competition.

- For half an hour prior to the beginning of process Rigin has notified court that cannot be present on family circumstances. Judicial session is transferred for February, 28th, - has informed «» judge Elena Mordvinkina.