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In the Belgorod region the gang " bosses; monetary jokers

- In the Belgorod region cases of swindle concerning elderly citizens have become frequent. Swindlers do calculation   on a poor eyesight of people, their trustfulness and insufficient knowledge, - have told « Klmsomolke » in a press - service starooskolskogo UMVD.

In all these cases   swindlers were represented sotsrabotnikami, informed that the exchange of monetary denominations approaches and changed the present money on souvenir of so-called « Bank of tricks ».

Recently, in village Uspenka of Gubkinsky area at 12 o`clock in the afternoon   at 79 - the summer pensioner have enticed   34 thousand roubles. On February, 3rd in   area in village Antonovka   Grajvoronsky area   at 81 - the summer pensioner the presents of 7000 roubles have exchanged on « cool ». The same day about 16 - ti hours on farm the Fireman have deceived spirit of elderly inhabitants, 83 - eh and 78 - ti years. At   them have stolen 70 and   20 thousand roubles.

For fulfilment moshennichestv the man and the woman, at the age of 25 - 30 years, the woman of medium height, a thin constitution are searched. In one case, there was only a woman. Swindlers can move   on two   cars: darkly - dark blue colour, a foreign car, in number there were figures 123 and 190 region and on the white car.